Checkstyle Results

The following document contains the results of Checkstylerss feed


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PackageHtml0error Error
NewlineAtEndOfFile0error Error
Translation0error Error
JavadocMethod9error Error
JavadocType0error Error
JavadocVariable0error Error
JavadocStyle0error Error
ConstantName0error Error
LocalFinalVariableName0error Error
LocalVariableName0error Error
MemberName0error Error
MethodName0error Error
PackageName0error Error
ParameterName0error Error
StaticVariableName0error Error
TypeName0error Error
AvoidStarImport0error Error
IllegalImport0error Error
RedundantImport0error Error
UnusedImports0error Error
FileLength0error Error
LineLength0error Error
MethodLength0error Error
ParameterNumber0error Error
EmptyForIteratorPad0error Error
MethodParamPad0error Error
NoWhitespaceAfter0error Error
NoWhitespaceBefore0error Error
OperatorWrap0error Error
ParenPad0error Error
TypecastParenPad0error Error
TabCharacter0error Error
WhitespaceAfter0error Error
WhitespaceAround0error Error
ModifierOrder0error Error
RedundantModifier0error Error
AvoidNestedBlocks0error Error
EmptyBlock0error Error
LeftCurly0error Error
NeedBraces9error Error
RightCurly0error Error
AvoidInlineConditionals0error Error
DoubleCheckedLocking0error Error
EmptyStatement0error Error
EqualsHashCode0error Error
HiddenField0error Error
IllegalInstantiation0error Error
InnerAssignment0error Error
MagicNumber5error Error
MissingSwitchDefault0error Error
RedundantThrows0error Error
SimplifyBooleanExpression0error Error
SimplifyBooleanReturn0error Error
DesignForExtension0error Error
FinalClass0error Error
HideUtilityClassConstructor0error Error
InterfaceIsType0error Error
VisibilityModifier1error Error
ArrayTypeStyle0error Error
FinalParameters19error Error
  • message: "Line has trailing spaces."
  • format: "\s+$"
0error Error
TodoComment2error Error
UpperEll0error Error





errorComment matches to-do format 'TODO:'.85
errorComment matches to-do format 'TODO:'.95
error'750' is a magic number.101
error'500' is a magic number.101
errorParameter jta should be final.143
errorParameter e should be final.154
errorParameter e should be final.159
errorParameter e should be final.163
error'10' is a magic number.189
error'30' is a magic number.190
error'10' is a magic number.234
errorVariable 'wrongCharPosition' must be private and have accessor methods.252
errorParameter rows should be final.260
errorParameter columns should be final.260
errorMissing a Javadoc comment.266
errorParameter orig should be final.266
error'if' construct must use '{}'s.276
error'if' construct must use '{}'s.278
error'if' construct must use '{}'s.280
error'if' construct must use '{}'s.282
errorParameter rows should be final.308
errorParameter columns should be final.308
errorMissing a Javadoc comment.315
errorParameter e should be final.315
errorMissing a Javadoc comment.328
errorParameter e should be final.328
errorMissing a Javadoc comment.332
errorParameter e should be final.332
errorMissing a Javadoc comment.336
errorParameter orig should be final.336
error'if' construct must use '{}'s.343
error'if' construct must use '{}'s.345
error'if' construct must use '{}'s.347
error'if' construct must use '{}'s.349
error'else' construct must use '{}'s.351
errorParameter rows should be final.372
errorParameter columns should be final.372
errorMissing a Javadoc comment.379
errorParameter e should be final.379
errorMissing a Javadoc comment.392
errorParameter e should be final.392
errorMissing a Javadoc comment.396
errorParameter e should be final.396
errorMissing a Javadoc comment.400
errorParameter orig should be final.400